Social Media Management

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Stay one step ahead of your competitors.

As Aimax Media, we grow your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn accounts.

  • Customized content design
  • Brand / Competitor analysis
  • Corporate identity design
  • #hashtag set

Marketing is our main function.

We manage your brand’s presence on all social networking sites, while working to attract the attention of as many people as possible.

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Social Media Management Plans

We manage your social media accounts professionally.

CHF 1300


Original Price:   ̶C̶H̶F̶1̶6̶0̶0̶

The choice of small businesses.

  • Sharing 10 posts per month
  • Preparation of 2 video posts per month
  • Pre-answering of incoming messages
  • Setting hashtag set
  • Design of cover and profile photos
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly reporting


Please contact for detailed information.

CHF 2200


Original Price:   ̶ ̶C̶H̶F̶2̶5̶0̶0̶

The choice of most businesses.

  • Sharing 15 posts per month
  • Preparation of 4 video posts per month
  • Pre-answering of incoming messages
  • Setting hashtag set
  • Design of cover and profile photos
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly reporting


Please contact for detailed information.

CHF 4200


Original Price:    ̶C̶H̶F̶4̶5̶0̶0̶

The choice of those who want to grow their business.

  • Sharing 20 posts per month
  • Preparation of 7 video posts per month
  • Pre-answering of incoming messages
  • Setting hashtag set
  • Design of cover and profile photos
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly reporting

Please contact for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Social media management involves the optimum use of social media pages and all websites opened on every platform to achieve their goals. It reveals that the work that needs to be done to make both personal profile pages and social media pages subject to trade more effective and reach more audiences requires professional support. For professional social media management provided by users who are experts in their field, it includes effective and efficient work for all kinds of social media pages to reach the target audience in the best way, increase trade volumes and attract more attention.

Social media, which has many features and a strong place in today’s technology, can also be considered as one of the most important marketing strategies. For this reason, social media management is becoming more and more important every day, and today countless users use their accounts with professional management support.

It has emerged as a professional work that reveals how to use websites and accounts in the virtual world, which paths should be followed and which social media to use in which situations. While the position of social media today has a great power, professional support is offered especially for e-commerce pages and personal pages. The social network, which incorporates many features, is recognized as one of the most important marketing techniques.

Today, it is a matter of curiosity how to make an effective and efficient social media management for both Instagram social media consultancy and all other platforms. There are major issues to be considered for an effective and efficient social media management.

The most sensitive issues for social media management are the following;

  • Determining the target audience according to the type of content
  • Management of attracting the attention of social network users and targeted audience
  • Analyzing competitors operating in the same line
  • Ensuring focus on products and services through effective advertising management

In order to carry out these issues in the best way, social media account management should be planned in the best way and the right posts should be made with the right content.

The first step to be taken especially by those operating in e-Commerce in terms of what social media management is and how it should be done is the process of determining the target audience. The most important element in managing social media is the mechanism of determining the target audience. In this way, you can share posts that attract the attention of your target audience with your posts on social media. To make your target audience feel special, you can celebrate birthdays, send gift discounts and coupons on special occasions.

One of the most curious issues in the quality management of social media is the question of what is social media management. The most important issue here is the planning and creation of the right content. To succeed in content management, your content must be original and understandable. When deciding on content, you should choose posts that will attract the attention of your target audience and try to explain them clearly. This will help you reach your target audience faster.

Competitive analysis, another element of social media management, is very important for corporate social media management. It is necessary to follow the current trends of competitors, create more dominant content than their posts and attract the attention of the target audience. To do this effectively, you should always use your social media more actively than your competitors and support it with the right content.

Advertising the brand in social media content and announcing it in the most effective way is among the most effective works of those who work as a social media management agency. Because online advertisements are being used more and more every day and their impact processes are being increased. In addition to using search engine ads on your site, you can reach more target audiences by advertising your content on your social media accounts. In this way, you can reach more targets and reach your goal faster.

There are very important issues to be considered for both twitter management and management of all other platforms used as social media. Although the use of applications is quite simple and convenient for the user, sometimes even the slightest move that you think will benefit the brand can bring more harm than good when it comes to running a professional website.

The issues to be considered when it comes to social media content management are as follows;

Analysis results should be evaluated correctly and the right interaction should be ensured

Always getting professional support to protect your brand image will help your budget and your brand grow at the same speed with the right strategy.

For a customer who knows you, it is important that the service they receive is sustainable and the same satisfaction line continues. However, in order to interact with new customers, increase brand awareness and thus increase your sales volume, you need to act by analyzing customers with the right advertising activities.

In social media management, the time zone in which your target audience is active is important. By knowing this and sharing your media tools, you can increase interaction and brand awareness.

Management activities to be carried out with the most appropriate social media consultancy fees by paying attention to all kinds of details will put companies ahead of their competitors.

There are golden rules of social media management that should be done with expert support for all companies and those who want to highlight their brands.

The golden rules of social media management that increase the benefit of social media and make it stand out in front of competitors are as follows;

  • The rule of creating original content increases the value of the page in question, which will be different and original from the companies that share content on the same topics. In order for all the content you share to be unique, your language should reflect the quality of your visual structure and corporate structure.
  • It is necessary to determine the right strategy and to act in a planned and programmed manner in the process of managing social media. You can achieve more efficient social media management by analyzing competition and audience analysis.
  • Effective time management, it is important to be active when managing social media, but like everything else, you should be measured and organized. It is wrong to strive for fast results. Please be patient. It is important to provide regular activity with the time interval you set for organic and lasting interaction.
  • Dynamic data sharing, social media is a platform that requires continuity. If you manage your time correctly, you can always stay active and achieve the desired result.
  • Organic social media management, of course you will have a following over time and you can achieve this on time with the right management style.
  • Sometimes this audience may be temporary, but with the right strategy and planning, it ensures an effective, accurate and permanent result in the long term.

The golden rules that exist and should be used sensitively will be more effective with an effective social media management activity of web pages and social media accounts.