Website Creation

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We design your dream website
for your business.

We make the website of your business with customized designs suitable for your industry.

  • Mobile compatible (responsive)
  • Fast website
  • With control panel
  • Google friendly
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Fast-speed Website

With our caching technology, your website opens just as fast as this site.

Dynamic Control Panel

You can edit your pages from your website's control panel.

Secure SSL Certificate

With firewall and SSL certificate, your website is protected against attacks.

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Google SEO Compatible

Your website is designed with the appropriate infrastructure to rank high on Google.

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Mobile Compatible

Your website is designed to be compatible with computers, tablets and all mobile devices.

Professional E-Mail

With corporate e-mail, your mails will never fall into spam.

pricing Plans

Website Creation Plans

Choose the web design package that suits you best, you can contact us for help.

CHF 950


Original Price: C̶H̶F̶1̶3̶5̶0̶

The choice of small businesses.

  •   Up To 4 Pages
  •   3 Professional E-mail Accounts
  •   Compatible On All Devices
  •   Dynamic Control Panel
  •   Speed Optimized
  •   SEO Compatible


Please contact for detailed information.

CHF 2500


Original Price:  ̶C̶H̶F̶2̶8̶0̶0̶

The choice of those who want to grow their business.

  •   Up To 8 Pages
  •   5 Professional E-mail Accounts
  •   Compatible On All Devices
  •   Dynamic Control Panel
  •   Speed Optimized
  •   SEO Compatible

Please contact for detailed information.

CHF 4200


Original Price: C̶H̶F̶4̶5̶0̶0̶

Preferred by big companies.

  •   Up To 12 Pages
  •   8 Professional E-mail Accounts
  •   Compatible On All Devices
  •   Dynamic Control Panel
  •   Speed Optimized
  •   SEO Compatible

Please contact for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is web design? or What is web design? The shortest answer to the questions is as follows;

Web design refers to the software, design and updating of web pages made for end users to easily access the targeted content. It usually covers the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development. There are many basic areas such as graphic design and interface design in web design. Today, Web design is done to promote products or services offered for sale by individuals or companies, personal information or targeted content on the internet. The implementation of the web design created with a specific goal and principles creates the website. In other words; The work of designing a website to represent real or legal persons and the services or products offered by these persons in the virtual environment and the whole of the work done in this context is called ‘web design’.

Web design is first done by basing it on many preliminary researches. In this way, you can design your website in a way that can reflect your company’s sectoral or corporate identity. Web Design template, icon, font, vector, color, line, visual and content etc. You should ensure that it has an integrity that appeals to your target audience by taking care of all the details.

Our designs should have mobile compatibility (responsive) feature that allows you to provide your customers with a quality user experience from any device. Our designs must be compatible with search engines and have SSL certificate. The most important steps you need to follow when making Web Design are as follows;

Step 1: Web Design Planning
Step 2: Competitor Research
Step 3: UX (User Experience) Design
Step 4: Creating Website Content
Step 5: UI (User Interface) Design
Step 6: Prototyping and Testing
Step 7: Publish the Website


Web Design prices vary according to project specifications. You can request a quote for your project by contacting us from the contact page.

+ Responsive (Mobile Compatible), Original and Modern Template Design
+ HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JS Software Language
+ World Standards (Web 2.0) Coding Structure
+ SEO Compatible Coding Infrastructure and On-Site SEO Integration
+ Reinforced Security Infrastructure
+ Standalone Server/Hosting Setup
+ Easy to Use and Comprehensive Content Management Panel (CMS)
+ 100% Dynamic Content Infrastructure Manageable with CMS Panel
+ Modern and Dynamic Content Pages
+ Google Tools and Social Media Integration
+ On-site Text and Visual Content Development Service
+ Indefinite Site Revision Service After Delivery
+ Google and Yandex Local Business Optimization
+ Social Media Optimization
+ Hosting, Server, FTP Management
+ Web Consulting Service
+ 24/7 Technical Support

As Aimax Media, unlike other web design companies, we offer these features as standard in every web design project we do and we are proud of the services we provide. We also strongly advocate that these features should be standard in every web design project.

Web design consulting means talking, diagnosing, planning and sometimes even helping you fix things. Web design consultants are detail-oriented professionals with a good eye for graphic design, a strong knowledge of website optimization and programming who create web pages based on a client’s needs and brand image. Web design consultants are responsible for almost your entire online presence and help you achieve successful results for your company on the web.

With our corporate web design service, we use the most up-to-date software and graphic design technologies, allowing the corporate identities of institutions or businesses to be launched on the internet in the most accurate way. You should not forget that the better you promote your company on the internet, the more feedback you can get.

Nowadays, when corporate competition is so heated in online environments, it is vital that you work with a web design agency that professionally provides corporate web design services.

As Web Design Systems, our advice to our visitors on this subject is, “Regardless of the size or sector of your company, you must have a Corporate Website!”

If you need a professional corporate website, the only thing you need to do is to determine your needs and leave the rest to our expert web design and software team.

Personal websites are websites that have many features such as promotion, announcement, blog, video and photo galleries, resume, cv, article, biography. You can publish as much content as you wish on your personal websites.

You can receive comments from readers or visitors to the content you publish. The content on your personal website allows you to collect information about yourself in the most refined way in a single medium. Thus, relevant content in search engines, your name and your personal website will rank high in the rankings of search engines (Google, yandex, bing, yaani, etc.).To summarize briefly, Personal website is a website platform where the person’s promotion, announcements, publishing events and / or sharing articles and opinions.